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Property Improvements Throughout the Council!

Camp Widjiwagan

  • The fire circle area at Ranch Tent Unit has been upgraded. The benches surrounding the two rings were constructed, gravel was placed around the ring and new steel fire rings were installed. Also, a large gravel picnic table area was constructed. This provides a nice, clean area for troops to cook outdoors. Volunteers from Comcast and United Way partner agencies provided volunteer labor for this project. Comcast also covered the cost of a majority of the materials for this project.
  • The Lodge upper level fire exit stairs have been reinforced.
  • We are working on stabilizing the shore at the boating area with rip rap.

Camp Tapawingo

  • Happy campers! We are excited that campers at Tapawingo will have 2 units of brand new tents and platforms to sleep in. Last year, Setting Sun received all new tents and this year Shining Star is received both new tents and new platforms!
  • We are working on a new entrance road at Camp Tapawingo. Parents coming to drop their campers off at Tapawingo will enter and exit on a newly surfaced and widened road. The main entry will now wind through the trees (what used to be the Service Road) and it opens to a view of the Equestrian Center.
  • The new Adventure Center is now located in the current White Cloud Unit as slated by the Master Plan. The course is similar to the double-decker challenge course at Widjiwagan with a 40-foot climbing tower, high elements at both 40 feet and 20 feet, cargo net climb and a zip line. We also have 8 teams elements that are on the ground that allows for team-building and a progression to the high elements. The tents at White Cloud were removed and will be relocated on the camp at the site of Spirit Lodge.
  • There is new siding on the Site Manager residence that follows the color scheme of the property. Wow, the transformation!  The residence also received much needed kitchen cabinets.
  • Rustling Oaks is receiving a full renovation. While we had a water pipe burst last winter, we elected to repair the flood damage as well as renovate the rest of the facility. This will include new roof, siding, windows, flooring, interior walls will receive car siding and a bathroom remodel. Also, a new air conditioning unit so the cabin will be comfortable in hot weather as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. We installed new kitchen and bathroom cabinets in 2013.  This project should be complete by December.
  • The latrine at Big Sky was completely rebuilt.
  • The Boathouse has new metal siding.
  • The dedication sign has been posted outside of Healthy House. As well as a small plaque inside honoring State Farm for their financial assistance of the remodel of Healthy House.
  • Mary Morgan Lodge has a fresh new coat of exterior paint and the wood floors have been refinished…..Beautiful!

Camp Peairs

  • Two Scout projects have been completed at Camp Peairs: a wash stand rebuild as an Eagle Scout project and rebuild of the amphitheater benches at the Point by one of a GSCI girl member for her Bronze Award project.
  • Gutters were replaced on the Lodge

Camp Kiwanis

  • Evergreen Lodge has been outfitted with an insulated ceiling, new fans and new lights. This will allow us to more efficiently use Evergreen in the winter for programs. It will also keep things a bit cooler for campers in the summertime.
  • Through a grant from the Canon Memorial Grant through the Rotary Club of Champaign we have upgraded the Main Lodge Fire Circle. The new fire circle will seat 50 girls on permanent benches…….the large fire ring is over 4’ across!
  • We have had several hazardous trees removed from the property.


GSCI Now Accredited by the Certified Horsemanship Association

GSCI is proud to announce that our Equestrian Program and Equestrian Center has been accredited by the Certified Horsemanship Association.  Accreditation means that GSCI voluntarily requested CHA to review our equestrian facilities, program and management to deem it as meeting CHA and equine industry safety and operational standards. Additionally, our Equestrian Program Coordinator, Ann Bower, is certified at the highest level of instructor given by CHA in both the Western and English riding disciplines. Not only are we proud of this accreditation but GSCI can now host CHA Instructor Certification Clinics at our Equestrian Center. The purpose of Certified Horsemanship Association is to promote excellence in safety and education for the benefit of the entire horse industry.  CHA is also recognized by GSUSA as an accredited horsemanship instructor training organization.

eRegistration Updates

Exciting changes have been made to our eRegistration system! The upgrade to the system is now complete. Our eRegistration website is now a new, family-based registration system. Our Frequently Asked Questions Guide may assist you with many procedures.

A few details you should know:

As part of the upgrade, all existing accounts (usernames and passwords) will be deactivated. Following the upgrade, all adults will be required to create a new online account to gain access to the system. If you so choose, you can reuse your old username and password when creating your new online account. With your new online account, you will be able to manage yourself, your family, and/or troop(s), depending on your current participation status. For example, a troop leader who has a daughter participating in Girl Scouts will be able to manage both his or her family and troop(s) with a single login.  

If you have not activated your eRegistration account, this is a great reminder for you to do so. 
Parents: One person per family will be designated as a Family Manger. This role will be assigned by the system according to the first listed parent or guardian (labeled "Guardian 1") on the child's account at the time of the upgrade. Only the Family Manager will be able to view and manage the accounts of children and family member(s) from his/her own login. The Family Manager designation can be changed by contacting the council.      

Accounts for girls under the age of 18 must be managed by a Family Manager; girls under the age of 18 will no longer be able to login under their own name. The adult listed second on the child's account (labeled "Guardian 2") will become part of the family, and he or she can either activate and manage the account or allow the account to be managed by the Family Manager. Guardian 2 will see the guardian relationship with his or her child, but will be unable to manage their child's activities or memberships.             

Troop Leaders: Troop leaders with an online account can manage their troop(s) and troop members online. No data will be lost during the upgrade, and leaders will be able to manage their troop(s) and their own accounts as soon as the new eRegistration account is created.

How to Create a New Online Account for the eRegistration System

Step 1: Go to our eRegistration site and click the "New Online Account" button on the right hand side of the screen.

Step 2: Enter the information as requested. This basic information will allow the system to search for your record and check if you already exist in our database.
Step 3: One of the following will apply:

If the system finds you in the database, you will see the following message: Congratulations! We found you in the online system. Please go to your email and follow the instructions to activate your online account. Please follow the instructions to complete your account activation.
If you receive the following message: We have found you in the system, but in order to continue please contact us,please follow the instructions and contact the council. This message generally appears when there is no email address on record, or if there is a potential but unconfirmed match.
If the system does not find you in the database, you will be prompted to provide additional information to create your profile.

If you need assistance, please contact our Help Desk for assistance at 888-623-1237 or email us at helpdesk@girlscouts-gsci.org.

'Dear Mr. President' Contest Winner Amanda Breeden

GSCI congratulates Amanda Breeden, a Girl Scout from Normal and a member of the Teen Leadership Board, for being chosen as a winner in the “Dear Mr. President” contest! “Dear Mr. President” is part of the Girl Scouts Speak Out series, in which GSUSA asked girls to submit public service announcements on key national or global issues. Amanda’s PSA, titled “What Do YOU See?” focuses on the need for tolerance in an increasingly diverse country.

“My entry embodies the idea of accepting the human race as a whole, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political ideology, age, or ethnicity,” Amanda says. “It sends the message that we could grow so much as a country and as a world if people were to just embrace diversity instead of fear it.” In Amanda’s ideal world, she says, women and men would be paid equally, and women would be allowed to make their own health decisions. “This uses the entire population to its fullest potential, allowing everyone to be happier, healthier, and more prosperous.” She also hopes to see diversity incorporated into government positions, so today’s girls can become even more inspired to grow into the next generation of leaders.

Amanda has been a Girl Scout for ten years, and describes herself as being very passionate about women’s rights, politics, equality, and humanitarian efforts. She, along with her mother and younger sister, have been very involved in Girl Scouts since they joined—along with serving on the Teen Leadership Board, she is a girl member of the Girl Scouts of Central Illinois Board of Directors, a leader-in-training and a program aide, and has previously earned Bronze and Silver Awards. Her favorite Girl Scouting memory is her time spent representing her council as a delegate in the Girls’ World Forum in Chicago last summer, where she met girls from 90 different countries as they learned how to take part in reaching the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. Amanda says was interested in entering the “Dear Mr. President” contest as a way of continuing to voice her opinion—“even though (young girls) can’t vote, we can definitely make a difference,” she says.

To view Amanda’s winning entry, go to speakout.girlscouts.org. Congratulations, Amanda!

Girl Scouts . . . The Studio

Go behind the scenes with your favorite writers and illustrators to find out how they work – and to get a few tips to make your own work shine!

GSUSA's The Studio is a showcase for inspiring storytellers of all kinds, who offer an inside look at how they do what they do. New authors will be added every month, so keep checking back! GSUSA plans to expand the site to include other artists, as well as the ability for girls to upload their own work. Their goal is to create a community of girls who can share their creative work with others and learn from professionals working in a variety of creative careers.

Experience The Studio!

Be the Voice of Girls

The Girl Scout Advocacy Network provides a tool for you to become a voice for girls and to make a difference in your community and across the nation.  Together, we can educate policymakers and community leaders on issues that directly affect girls and the Girl Scouts.  By being an advocate, you will have an impact on girl policy issues moving through Congress and the state legislatures.

To join the Girl Scouts Advocacy Network and be a voice for girls, log on to www.girlscouts4girls.org.