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Publications and Forms

These publications and forms are produced by Girl Scouts of Central Illinois and are for use by members, staff, community, families, supporters, and community collaborators.  These publications and forms are in pdf format and may be viewed using Acrobat Reader. This is a free download available at www.adobe.com.

For more information about Publications and Forms, please contact your nearest service center or email gsci@girlscouts-gsci.com.

The very skills a qualities that prepare a girl for leadership also help to prepare her to be successful in school and her profession and to be an active member in her community. Learn more about GSCI and Girl Scouting.

Please refer to Volunteer Essentials for all of the information you need to be a leader and volunteer of Girl Scouts of Central Illinois.

Volunteer Essentials - (101 pages, 3.56MB)

Bridging Ceremonies

Online Forms

Online Forms Now Available!

For your convenience the following forms are now available to be completed and submitted online:

Girl Membership Form 

Adult Membership Form 

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Disclosure Authorization and Release Form

Adult Training Registration Form

Volunteer Interest Form

Girl Membership Interest Form



Many of the following forms are fillable pdf forms.These forms can be filled in with Adobe Reader 9 or above and saved, emailed, or printed.

These forms can also be used if you choose not to go through our eRegistration system. Just complete the form(s) and email them to our helpdesk along with your credit card information (name on card, card number, expiration date, and the three digit CVV number on the back of the card). The helpdesk staff will then process the order and email or mail your receipt to you.

2016-2017 Girl Registration Form 
2016-2017 Girl Registration Form (en Español) 

2016-2017 Adult Registration Form
2016-2017 Adult Registration Form (en Español)

2016-2017 Membership Dues Summary
2016-2017 Membership Dues Summary(en Español)

Troop Budget Worksheet
Troop Budget Worksheet - fillable pdf form

Trip Approval/Information Form

Membership Assistance Form
Membership Assistance Form - fillable pdf form

Girl Uniform Assistance Application

Adult Education Registration Form
Adult Education Registration Form - fillable pdf form

Parent Permission Form

Parent Permission Form - fillable pdf form

Permission for Troop Money Earning Project Form
Permission for Troop Money Earning Project Form
- fillable pdf form

Incident Report
Incident Report
- fillable pdf form

2015-2020 GSCI Tax Exempt Letter

ACH Troop Bank Account - fillable pdf form

Bank Authorization Letter 

Establishing a Troop Bank Account

Code of Conduct Letter

Disbanded Troop Funds Transfer Form

Request for Contributions Form
Request for Contributions Form - fillable pdf form

Troop Attendance and Dues Record

Girl/Adult Health Record Form -  form required for girls and adults.  May be used for resident camp, day camp and extended trips

eRegistration FAQs Guide

Mutual of Omaha Additional Girl Scout Insurance Form 
Mutual of Omaha Activity Accident Insurance Informational Brochure
Mutual of Omaha Activity Accident Insurance Claim Form

GSCI Safety Camp Procedures
GSCI Girl Scout Member Camp Reservation Packet with Rates - fillable
GSCI Non Profit & Corporate Reservation Packet with Rates - fillable
GSCI Camp Site Reservation Form & Instructions - fillable

Camp SOAR Girl Scout Site Registration Form & Instructions - fillable
Camp  SOAR Girl Scout Rate Sheet

GSCI Horse Waiver Release

GSCI Challenge Course Waiver Release

Community Service Story Form

2015 - 2016 Honor Troop Form

Girl Financial Assistance Form for Girl Destinations

Adult Recognitions

The information for Adult Recognitions and nomination forms can be found in our Volunteers section of our website.