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Learn more about how you can Light Up the Leader in Every Girl. There are so many ways volunteers help girls tap into their full potential through flexible volunteering opportunities and the time commitment is up to each individual.

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What does a Girl Scout troop leader look like? Girl Scouts of Central Illinois would like you to meet some of our outstanding leaders across central Illinois—and the faces of today’s leaders may come as a surprise. In central Illinois and across the nation the people that volunteer their time to shape young girls into tomorrow’s leaders are not just mothers, or even women. Today’s leaders include dads, grandmothers, executives, doctors, and a range of dynamic, strong, successful people, including moms, who have made a commitment to help girls gain the courage and confidence to succeed in all stages of life.

You've Got What It Takes - make a difference in lives of girls - volunteer today!


Jane Locascio, 8 years
Troop’s journey: Juniors
Career: Relator for The Real Estate Group
Favorite part: Getting to watch the girls grow into people you want to be friends with
Girl Scout life lessons: Own It—Be Accountable for What You Do in Life



Mark & Melinda Potter, 3 years
Troop’s journeys: Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes
Also involved in: Boy Scouts and church organizations
Favorite part: Watching the girls explore and try new things
Girl Scout life lessons: Curiosity at a young age can build courage, confidence, and success



Lauren Klein, 1 year
Troop’s journey: Daisies
Career: Owns 6 Latte Da Coffee Cafes around Champaign
Current project with her girls: Pen pals with Junior Girl Guide Association in Pakistan
Girl Scout life lessons: Kindness and compassion for others



Marcia Albert, 22 years
Career: Insurance agent
Admirable project: Had an older troop adopt a daisy troop as mentors
Why she does it: It’s energizing, rewarding, can see growth and progress in each girl
Girl Scout life lessons: Leadership, teamwork, problem solving

Drs. David & Kathy Crawford, 5 years
Troop’s journey: Brownies
Careers: David is a surgeon, Kathy is an anesthesiologist
Annual Giving Project: Donate supplies to and connect with people at local mission
Girl Scout life lessons: Patriotism, respect for others, courage and confidence

Judy Kammerer, 18 years
Troop’s journey: Juniors
Notable accomplishment: Involved in rebooting her area’s summer camp
Admirable project: Bronze award for town clean-up efforts
Girl Scout life lessons: Be conscious of the world around you


Sherri Quillen
Troop’s journey: Daisies
Notable accomplishment: Troop sold over 3000 boxes of cookies
Favorite part: Giving girls new opportunities to try new things
Girl Scout life lessons: Empower women to be leaders


Tanya DeSanto, 5 years
Troop's journey: Juniors
Career: Dentist, Springfield
Current project with her girls: Bronze Award – Raising Butterflies
Favorite part: Seeing the immediate impact she has on the girls and they have on the community
Girl Scout life lessons: Leave the world a better place than they found it


Michelle Dixson & Amanda Grimes, 3 years
Troop’s journeys: Daisies, Brownies, Juniors Cadettes
Why they became leaders: Saw how much their daughters love it, and wanted to be a part if their experience
Favorite part: Mentoring girls who may need a positive female role model
Girl Scout life lessons: Paying it forward



David Porter, 5 months
Troop’s journey: Brownies
Career: Member of the Illinois National Guard
Favorite part: Spending time outdoors, focus on discipline and training
Girl Scout life lessons: Confidence, self-reliance, ability to plan ahead

Chad Emery, 3 years
Troop’s journey: Brownies
Exciting events: Planning a trip to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago
Favorite part: Gives a chance to experience real life instead of life on TV
Girl Scout life lessons: Independence, leadership, giving back to the community

Anne Meyer, 16 years
Notable accomplishment: At one time in career, ran 5 separate troops
Troop’s focus: Community service, giving to those in need, helping the environment
Annual Giving Project: Donate toys to Catholic Charities, over the years, they’ve donated over 4,000 toys
Girl Scout life lessons: The opportunity and ability to help those less fortunate

Lori Dasher, 6 years
Troop’s journey: Brownies
Why she became a leader: Daughter’s troop was growing and needed another leader
Favorite part: Working with the girls, connecting with them and watching their friendships grow
Girl Scout life lessons: Try different things, have different experiences and see what interests you