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Guidance for Returning to In-Person Troop Meetings and Activities - July 31, 2020

This guidance is being provided as of the Edition Date above (when a vaccine has not been made readily available). Girl Scouts of Central Illinois may modify this guidance, from time to time as circustances change.

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois is announcing an update to re-opening process:

Effective Monday, June 29:

  • All Trefoil Boutiques (retail shops) will be open to outside customers/visitors up to a maximum number based on square footage.
  • All outside visitors over 3 years old will be required to wear face masks while in the building.
  • Retail locations will be operating under normal business hours.
  • All staff will be abiding by Phase 4 Reopen Illinois restrictions.

Effective Tuesday, July 7:

  • Most staff will be back in their offices. If you need assistance from a staff member, please call for their availability.
  • All staff will be abiding by Phase 4 Reopen Illinois restrictions.

Troop meetings, program and property usage:

  • Troop may meet in person, in groups smaller than 50 where they can INSURE girl safety. Social distancing must be maintained, face masks should be worn in accordance with social distancing guidelines. This includes travel to and from troop meetings/events and therefore may require parent drop off at troop activity versus traveling together as a troop.
  • The program team will be working on guidelines around in-person program opportunities for 50 people or less insuring that disinfecting of any commonly used equipment can be accomplished.
  • Property rentals will be determined on a case by case basis working with our Chief Operating Officer on approval of all requests.

Questions? Contact Customer Care at 888-623-1237 or

Green Space Usage for Troops

Green Space usage will be available beginning September 8, 2020. Green space use will be free for all Girl Scout troop meetings, but must be reserved in advance of each meeting to ensure usage by only one group at a time. Reservations may be made beginning September 1, 2020. Space can be reserved on our property and events site, or by calling 888-623-1237.

Instructions for reserving Green Space

The required GSCI COVID-19 Training must be taken by all troop leaders and adult volunteers prior to the troop meeting. The training is found in gsLearn, which can be accessed through MY GS in the upper right hand corner of the GSCI website. The direct link to the training is here. Contact or 888-623-1237 for help accessing the training.


An outdoor Meeting space with at least 2 picnic tables and an open area for activities.

  • A hand washing station
  • One large trash bag
  • Sanitizing wipes or spray

Note: Bathrooms will only be provided at camps, not the service centers.


  • Each person shall wear a mask and be socially distant (at least 6’ feet apart).
  • Bring hand sanitizer and use regularly during the meeting.
  • Take care not to waste supplies provided and leave for the next Girl Scout group.
  • Take trash to the dumpster on-site prior to departure.
  • Sanitize all high-touch surfaces before starting the meeting and at the conclusion of your meeting.
  • Leave the site cleaner than you found it.
  • Follow all guidelines outlined in the GSCI COVID-19 training