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Volunteer Cookie Training

Please watch the 2018 Cookie Training video for information on participating in the 2018 Cookie Program. Once you have completed the video, please complete the form below and submit. 

Fill out my online form.

Additional Cookie Training Videos

Initial Cookie Order
Entering Girl Sales in eBudde the Girl Order Tab
Placing a Cupboard Order
Reserving & Entering Book Sales & the Booth Recorder Function
Booth Sale Recorder App
Built by Me Cookie Planner

Digital Order Card Training Videos

Digital Order Card Promo Video
DOC Girl Under 13 Register
DOC Girl 13 and Over Register
DOC Volunteer Register
DOC Site Set Up Girl Under 13
DOC Site Set Up Girl 13 and Over
DOC Upload Photo Video
DOC Customer Emails
DOC In Person Delivery Experience
DOC Customer Shipping
DOC In Person Delivery
DOC Order Received Shipped
DOC Leader Orders Received Delivered
DOC Password Reset
DOC Completing Badges