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Challenge Course Faciliator

Sat Aug 31, 9:00 AM - Mon Sep 02, 5:00 PM CST

Become a Challenge Course Facilitator for Girl Scouts of Central Illinois! This is a full weekend spent in the outdoors learning the ins and outs of safe and effective facilitation. Anyone who completes training is expected to facilitate at least 3 times in the fall and 3 times in the spring of this school year. All participants must be reasonably comfortable at heights, physically fit to climb stairs, bend, stoop, sit, lift 50+ pounds for short durations. Vision and hearing must be adequate to safely monitor participants on the course.

This training is for adults only.

(Time may go later depending on weather conditions, group size, abilities, and other factors.) 

Lodging is available at Camp Tapawingo. Simple lunches are provided each day. Contact Chloe Machula with questions or to register at