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Early Renewal 2020-2021

Get ready for another year of Girl Scouting by renewing your Girl Scout membership early. Early renewal takes place from April 1 - May 21, 2021

All re-registering girls will receive a T-shirt and patch. All re-registering adults will receive a T-shirt. To receive these incentives, submit your troop finance paperwork, T-shirt/patch order form and registrations with payment by May 21, 2021.

Becoming Me Program

Kick off another year of discovery, sisterhood, and Girl Scout fun by joining us for our new Becoming Me program! Girls will unlock the power of their unique story and explore who they can become, earn badges, and even attend a special members-only event with Mrs. Obama! Event registration is now open; save your spot by April 30! Questions regarding this special program, click here.

Troop Leaders

Complete early membership renewal by following these easy steps:

  1. Read the Early Renewal Letter to Troop Leader.
  2. Click on "My GS/VTK" at the top of our website. Troop leaders can renew their girls and adults. Refer to this  handy guide to assist you in re-registering.
  3. Leaders be sure to complete the Early Renewal 2021 T-shirt and patches form.
  4. Review the Honor Troop Award form and complete it your troop qualifies.
  5. Register for the Becoming Me program with the former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama.

Complete early membership renewal by following these easy steps:

  1. Contact your girl's troop leader and ask about early membership renewal Or go online to your MYGS account and renew your girl(s).
  2. Register your girl for the Becoming Me program. Questions about the Becoming Me program, click here .

Parents/Guardian when you have completed your girl(s)/adult(s) renewal for 2021-2022, please email us at and let us know the following information:

  • T-shirt size of each girl/adult renewed
  • Number of  patches for each girl renewed

If you have questions or need assistance with renewing a membership, please contact Customer Care at 888-623-1237 or 

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