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Staff Directory

Springfield Service Center

Beth AllenManager of Community Development217-372-5221
Helena BoothTroop Accounts & Collections Specialist815-410-8016
Kaitlin BostickGrant Writer888-623-1237 ext. 1615
Jill ButterfieldMember Engagement Coordinator, Quincy217-494-1884
Brittany CarverChief Membership Officer888-623-1237 ext. 1608
Dennise HeavnerIT Manager888-623-1237 ext. 1628
Courtney HessMember Support Coordinator/Office Coordinator217-720-2087
Pam KovacevichChief Executive Officer888-623-1237 ext. 1610
Maddie LoveMember Engagement Coordinator888-623-1237 ext. 1617
Tia MahrProgram Specialist - Series888-623-1237 ext. 1631
Petrea MuroyaProgram Specialist - Series, Quincy888-623-1237
Brenda ScuphamExecutive Administrator888-623-1237 ext. 1603
Anna SuttonHuman Resource Manager888-623-1237 ext. 1614
Emily TaylorProgram Specialist888-623-1237 ext. 1617
Cindy VilsickMembership Manager217-725-8271
Teri WalterSenior Accountant888-623-1237 ext. 1607
Jill WilmotChief Administrative Officer888-623-1237 ext. 1604
Emma ZibutisMember Engagement Coordinator888-623-1237 ext. 1613

Bloomington Service Center

Margaret (Meg) AndersonMember Engagement Coordinator217-494-8045
Chloe MachulaProgram Manager Camp & Events217-433-0636
Emma MeyerDirector of Product Sales 888-623-1237
Patti Patty-G’SellMembership Manager888-623-1237 ext. 1105
Sarah SiegristOffice Coordinator888-623-1237 ext. 1100
Emily TuckerMember Engagement Coordinator888-623-1237 ext. 1101

Champaign Service Center

Melissa GuthrieOffice Coordinator888-623-1237 ext. 1200
Stacey LaFeberDirector of Donor Development888-623-1237 ext. 1209
Kelsey ParkerMember Engagement Coordinator888-623-1237 ext. 1208
Stephanie PooleAssociate Director of Retail & Purchasing888-623-1237 ext. 1205
Sarah RobertsProgram Specialist217-299-0108

Decatur Urban Program Center

Audra CottrellProgram Specialist - Series Lead888-623-1237 ext. 1309
Kelly DayChief Operating Officer888-623-1237 ext. 1305
Kathy GravenMember Engagement Coordinator888-623-1237 ext. 1311
Vicki HarberVolunteer Relations Manager888-623-1237 Ext. 1306
Kennedy PolanskiProgram Specialist888-623-1237 ext. 1302

Peoria Urban Program Center

Bobbi CoffmanOffice Coordinator - Peoria888-623-1237 ext. 1400
Kim EmeryMember Support Coordinator888-623-1237
Amber GrudenMember Engagement Coordinator888-623-1237 ext. 1413
Kailyn MillerProgram Specilaist217-670-3423
Susan RiggansAccount Clerk888-623-1237 ext. 1402
Brianna RosemanMember Engagment Coordinator888-623-1237 ext. 1421
Katrina SteubingerMarketing Associate888-623-1237 ext. 1403
Sara TateProgram Specialist - Series Lead888-623-1237 ext. 1404
Dallas ThurmanMember Engagement Coordinator888-623-1237 ext. 1415
Molly WilsonDirector of Customer Communications & Care888-623-1237 ext. 1412

Camp Tapawingo

Jessica GroszekEquestrian Program Coordinator217-720-2101
Brad WhitfordSite Manager309-231-6185

Camp Widjiwagan

Scott ErbSite Manager217-971-5811