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Patch Programs

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois offers girls many opportunities to take on new adventures while earning badges. Check out the patch programs available to girls and troops.

Monthly Patch Program

The GSCI Monthly Patch Program is for troops and girls who are interested in additional activities. A new patch program is offered each month for girls to be introduced to a new topic with little preplanning needed for leaders. Use the patch program as meeting filler, a pre-meeting activity for the month, or an at-home project.

When the patch program is complete, follow the link below to order the fun patch and complete an evaluation. Patches are $2 each and will be mailed the following month. Patches must be ordered by the 15th day of the following month.   

PLEASE NOTE:  Patches are ordered after registration has commenced. Once ordered, it takes around a month for the council to receive the patches. At that time, the council then ships the patches to the address used when ordering.

June 2020 Monthly Patch Program
June 1-30, 2020

Clara Barton was a pioneering American nurse who founded the American Red Cross. She helped bring supplies and medical services to soldiers on the battlefield during the Civil War, earning her the nickname, Angel of the Battlefield. Learn more about Clara Barton in this monthly patch!

June 2020 Monthly Patch

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May 2020 Monthly Patch Program
May 1 - 31, 2020

Henrietta Lacks was an African American woman, who lived from 1920-1951, whose cells have made a major impact on medical advances such as the polio vaccine.

May 2020 Monthly Patch 

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April 2020 Monthly Patch Program
April 1-30, 2020

When Helen Keller was young, she became very sick and her illness left her both deaf and blind. Growing up was hard for Helen until she met Anne Sullivan, a teacher that taught her how to communicate. Helen became a very famous speaker and author who made it her life mission to help others who were hearing and visually impaired.

April 2020 Monthly Patch

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Past Monthly Patch Programs

Below are the past Monthly Patch Programs featuring influential women. This is your opportunity to learn about famous women in history. Unfortunately, we are not able to order the individual patches for them.   

2020 Summer Camp Patch Program

2020 Summer Camp Patch Program
January 7 - June 1, 2020

To encourage girls and parents to learn more about Girl Scouts of Central Illinois summer camps and become comfortable with the idea of attending camp, participate in some fun activities and explore the camp guide. Contact your local service center if you are interested in having a staff member come and help deliver the patch program and talk to girls and parents about attending camp!

2020 Summer Camp Patch Program

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Community Service Projects

Join GSCI in a year of service. Earn all four patches to complete the circle.

Love Our Earth
Due May 15, 2020

Our earth is a beautiful place! How can you help ensure that our earth will last us for years to come? You could plan a recycling program at your school, use less water while brushing your teeth in the morning, or help clean up liter at your local park. Think big or think small; you can do something big out in the community or you can simply make a pact with your troop to all make individual changes in your life. Track your earth saving habits with your troop and discuss at your next troop meeting!

Click here to follow the steps in the Love Our Earth Community Service Patch.

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Proud to be an American
Due July 15, 2020

Like the song says the United States is the land of the free and the home of the brave! This is all thanks to the sacrifice that the men and women that protect our country make every day. There is no better way to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th than by thanking our troops. This could be people who are currently serving or veterans that have served in the past. You could make cards to send to troops overseas, volunteer at your local Veteran’s Association, or collect supplies to send in a care package. Get in the patriotic spirit and celebrate our country’s Independence Day by thanking the people that make it possible!

Click here to follow the steps in the Proud to be an American Community Service Patch.

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On-Going Patch Program

GSCI offers on-going patch programs as activities for all grade levels.

GSCI Council's Own Badge - Land of Lincoln
Learn all about GSCI in the Land of Lincoln. Discover and walk where Abe Lincoln walked, trace your family tree, speak like Lincoln, and participate in a community service project.

Patches are available for $2.00 in GSCI Trefoil Boutiques.

2019 GSCI Camp Patch Program
Visit, learn and develop an appreciation for all GSCI council camps. Each camp has a unique set-up and interesting facts.

Free Being Me - Leader Guide
Empowering girls through improving body confidence and self-esteem. Free Being me addresses this issue directly, helping you to support your girls to become more body confident, and not let concerns about their appearance hold them back from becoming active, responsible and confident citizens of the world.

Free patches are available in the GSCI Trefoil Boutiques.

Brownie Free Being Me
Junior Free Being Me
Cadette Free Being Me
Senior Free Being Me

uniquely ME!
This program offers an exciting and simple way to enhance girls' self-esteem. As girls practice the self-esteem building concepts within the different activities, they are working toward the Girl Scout Leadership outcomes.

Free patches are available in the GSCI Trefoil Boutiques.

Mental Health Awareness
The Mental Awareness patch objectives are to educate Girl Scouts about the brain and its influence on thoughts, feelings, and behavior, and through that knowledge, increase awareness and understanding of mental illness.

Contact International Bipolar Foundation for patch.

Girl Scout Ranger Patch
Girl Scouts are invited to earn a Resource Stewardship certificate by visiting and spending five hours exploring the Lincoln Home National Historic Site.

To earn patch complete Activity Sheet and submit to Jared at National Park Service.