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Gold Award

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. Once achieved, it shows colleges, employers, and your community that you’re out there changing the world.

Join a century of women who have done big things. Learn about scholarships for Gold Award Girl Scouts, the history of the Gold Award, and the benefits of going Gold. 

Girl Scout Gold Award pin
You can pursue your Girl Scout Gold Award if:

You're in high school (ninth through twelfth grade, or equivalent) 


You're registered as a Girl Scout Senior or Girl Scout Ambassador


You have completed two Senior or Ambassador Journeys OR earned the Girl Scout Silver Award and completed a Journey

GSCI requires an interview to take place before completing the project proposal.  Contact Jessica Foster to set up an interview. Once you have conducted your interview, the application must be submitted on-line at  Go Gold Online for the Gold Award Committee to review. Due to the fact that the committee meets once a month, it may take a few weeks for the committee to review.

After the project is completed a final approval is required. Final reports are due by February 15th if a girl wants to be honored at the spring ceremonies. Final reports must be submitted by September 30th of the year of graduation. Each year Gold Award Girl Scouts are recognized at ceremonies and ask to represent the council at various times throughout the year. We are proud of their accomplishments and want to share their story and inspire others. 

The Gold Award recognizes leadership projects not community service projects (there are community service bars for that). All projects must make a lasting difference, ensuring sustainability while putting the Promise and Law into action and inspire others.  

Girl Scout Gold Award Steps

GSCI highly recommends that you join us for an Award Chat the first Monday of each month to learn more about the award.  Click on the  Event Calendar to R.S.V.P.  for the Award Chats.   


Identify an issue


Investigate your issue thoroughly


Get help and build your team


Create a plan


Present your plan and gather feedback 


Take action


Educate and inspire