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5 Skills

The Girl Scout Cookie program is a fun way for girls to earn money to support their dreams, and it's a hands-on leadership and financial literacy program unlike any other in the world. The knowledge and skills learned serves them for a lifetime. Girls gain essential skills, not from a book, but from real-life experiences building a strong foundation for success.

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The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches Girl Scouts 5 Skills to grow into leaders in their own life, in business and in the world:


Goal Setting: Sets cookie sales goals individually and, with her team, creates a plan to reach them. She develops cooperation and team building skills all along the way.


Decision Making: Helps decide how her team spends their cookie money, furthering critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Money Management: Takes cookie orders, handles customers’ money, and gains valuable and practical life skills around financial literacy.


People Skills: Learn how to talk, listen, and work with all kinds of people. These experiences help develop healthy relationships and conflict resolution skills that she can use through life.


Business Ethics: Be honest and responsible at every step of the cookie sale. Her business ethics reinforce the positive values she is developing as a Girl Scout.