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Fall Products

The Fall Product Sale is a council-sponsored program that combines educational activities with money earning opportunities for the troops. The Fall Sale is directed toward family and friends- those closest to Girl Scouting and enables troops to earn start up money by selling magazine subscriptions as well as nuts and candy.

Fall Product Programming

Programming focuses on leadership, collaboration and exploring personal values through discovering, connecting and taking action to help girls explore their future potential. 

The 5 Skills:
The Fall Product Sale teaches Girl Scouts 5 core skills to grow into leaders in their own life, in business and in the world.

Online Learning:
For online learning activities designed to enhance the troop program activity pieces, click here!

Goal Setting:
Setting goals is the key to a successful sale. Troops and girls who set goals earn big. Talk about what your plans are for the fall and what the funding would be needed to make it happen. Give your girls the opportunity to fully experience Product Sale Programming and don’t skip the Goal Setting and Decision Making skill building! The Fall Product Sale isn’t as simple as saying “sell 350 boxes of cookies” since the product line is varied. By leveraging all product options, the girls can discover, connect and take action to meet their troop’s funding needs.


Troop Resources
Product Offerings

We offer 16 delicious candy and nut selections. Products are extremely high quality and cost ranges from $7 to $10. Two items are offered in decorative collectors tins.

2018 FP Products
Troop Proceeds

Troop Proceeds:

  • $1.00 earned for each Nut, Chocolate, Candy Item
  • $2.50 earned for every Magazine, Tumbler, Organic Veggie & Photo Keepsake order
Fall Product Timeline

Fall Product Timeline for Troop Coordinators/Leaders

August 27-September 27: SU Coordinators train Troop Coordinators/Leaders

September 28 - October 21: Fall Product Activity

By October 21: Return all product and magazioe order forms to Troop Leader or Fall Product Coordiantor 

October 21-24: Troop Coordinators/Leaders enter and review girl orders

November 12-16 - Product delivery to service unit delivery sites. Troops pick-up orders from delivery sites. Troops bring in all girl magazine order forms (top white form only; retain yellow and pink forms) to the pick up site.

By November 12-25: Leaders distribute products to girls and girls deliver products to customers.

November 27: Money due to Troop Leaders

November 28: Money must be deposited into troop account on or before this date.

November 28: Outstanding Balance form(s), Parent Permission forms, and receipts are due to service center

January 3: Last day for troops to submit NSF checks to service centers


Fall Product Recognitions
2018 FP Recognitions
2018 400 FP Patches small
Adopt-A-Soldier Program

Adopt-A-Soldier Program

Adopt-A-Soldier allows customers to show support for military troops serving by donating $5 in order to purchase QSP magazine vouchers or nuts for them. Operation Santa and Operation Gratitude will include these in care packages that go out to military troops in war zones. Military troops will have a chance to read and catch up on what's going on at home or enjoy a taste of home, and girls and troops receive credit for voucher and nut sales!

Adopt-A-Soldier voucher and nut donations have separate columns on the order card and are entered on the order card just like a nut or candy order. Adopt-A-Soldier orders are placed online along with the rest of your troop's order. For each $5 Adopt-A-Soldier order, a Girl Scout receives credit for one nut and candy sale and the troop earns $1. Each Girl Scout received a Share patch for five $5 Adopt-A-Soldier magazine vouchers and/or candy and nut orders.

Service Unit Coordinators

Information for 2018 Fall Product Service Unit Coordinators.

Fall Product Service Unit Unify Dashboard Review (video)


Fall Product Training Video for Troop Coordinators and Troop Leaders

Fall Product Troop Coordinators and Troop Leaders: Please view the 2018 Fall Product Training video for your training. Once you have completed the training video, complete the form to let us know you have taken the training.

Fill out my online form.

Thank you for your support and participation in the Fall Product Sale Program!